3D2Cut is a start-up that researches and develops assistance systems, particularly systems for vine pruning, using machine learning (AI).    With Idiap technologies


Audiosearch uses automatic keyword detection to index and retrieve telephone conversations recorded on mobile phones or voice over IP.    With Idiap technologies


Eyeware Tech is developing a new generation of applications using patented methods for tracking movements of the head, face and eyes.    With Idiap technologies


HealthMe aims to transcribe medical consultations and improve interaction between patient and doctor.    With Idiap technologies

JM Contactless

JM Contactless is developing and marketing a cashless payment solution for event organisers.


Kleap is a website and web page creation platform, offering a remote and mobile experience that allows users to build their online presence easily and quickly, from anywhere, at any time.


Med4Cast is an Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic solution for specific medical fields, starting with orthopaedics.    With Idiap technologies

Moka Studio

Moka Studio specialises in special effects, 3D character animation and motion capture for film, television and advertising.

Navitas Consilium

Navitas Consilium advises, supports and assists public and private authorities on the path to rational energy use and supply.    With Idiap technologies

Save NRJ

Save NRJ est un bureau technique valaisan offrant des prestations dans le domaine de la physique du bâtiment et les énergies renouvelables, le but étant de donner à chacun la...


Tracy.ai aims to make e-bikes smarter by providing personalized predictions related to e-bike rides, battery health and range. For example, the startup aims to use personalized battery life predictions...

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