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Start-up, chercheurs : comment protéger au mieux mon innovation ?

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Date: Friday 18th March 2016
Time: 12pm – 1:15, followed by a lunch offered by The Ark Incbutaor
Place : Energypolis (Rue de l’Industrie 17), in Sion

Attention : the meeting will be in English


Start-up, researchers : how best to protect your innovation ?

In an increasingly competitive economic environment, the protection of innovations by intellectual property is of growing interest for the SME's and reasearchers. The intellectual property rights (patent, trademark) represent a significant business asset, especially an for startups valuating their business model.

At the next Incubator's meeting organised by The Ark Foundation, Christophe Saam, CEO of P&TS practice and expert in the IP field, will address the following topics:

  • Should we patent an invention or keep it secret ?
  • What are the main elements of the patent protection strategy ?
  • What criterias for the choice of a brand?
  • What strategy should we adopt to valuate our business ?

Simon Delalay, co-founder of the Imperix startup, will also testify on his experience with the aspects of intellectual property within a business in creation.


Do not hesitate to invite your colleagues!

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